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               Mana Pools Chitake Springs Lion Encounter


During this safari in a remote section of the park, Steve will teach you how the Chitake Lion pride (currently numbering 20+) became habituated to bush walks; the tactics used to locate and approach them;  and the methods used to control the encounter. You will be encountering herds of elephants and buffalo daily, among a wide variety of other wildlife, learn about the history of the ancient village residents; 10 ways to find your direction in the bush; some survival tips; tips on animal photography and Steve, a Trustee of a Zambezi Valley Conservation Trust, will discuss the effects of mass elephant culling and the damage to habitat due to lack of fire. You will be bush walking from the tented camp to track Lion and sitting in "hides" observing game near the Springs, the only source of water for a large concentration of wildlife in this isolated ecosystem.

"This is a memory of a lifetime. The highlight of your safari in Africa. You will not have this experience at any other camp or lodge or bushwalking safari. An opportunity to camp and bushwalk where the Richardson's filmed their National Geographic documentary 'Living with Lions', with the same Chitake Springs pride of lions. There are no fences! Wildlife sightings are assured day and night, nearby in the riverbed, on bushwalks and often in close proximity to the campsite."  

                                                                  Robbie Becker

                      Lion Conservation Reseach Project


Starting in May 2010, Steve Pope will be Project Coordinator on the Research Project. Professor Sluss is coming over to supervise 3 students on a 3 to 5 year Zambezi Valley Predator Research project. Because of this committment, Steve will not be able to run any canoe safaris until further notice. The Chitake Spring safaris (Lion Encounter) will continue, schedule as posted below. There are only 2 safaris a month and mostly over weekends. The project will be  based from Mana Floodplain with a laboratory at Reception and another base at Rukomeshi Research station, which is about 8 kilometres from Chitake.

                  Chitake Springs Scheduled 2010 Tours


                                           Chitake Springs Dates :  4 days/3 nights    


    May              7 - 10

                       21 -  24  

   June            4 -  7

                       18 - 21  

    July             9 - 12

                       16 - 19   

    August        13 - 16

                       20 - 23   

    September  3 - 6            

                       10 - 13   

    October      8 - 11           

                     18 - 21 

    Costs :  All inclusive except transport to Chitake Springs and drinks. 

    Transport @ $50 pp or min $200, if required. 

                                 International  US$ 675 pp  4 days/3 nights            

                                           Local, SADC, & TA Rates available on request  

                      Canoe Safaris - Not Offered in 2010


Canoe safaris are scheduled to run from Sunday to Wednesday. This means that for a classic experience of  the Zambezi Valley at full moon, a Canoe safari can run from Chirundu  to Mana Pools and after Tuesday night at the Flood Plain, the safari  can transfer to Chitake Springs for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. Both safaris can be booked and run separately. 

                                International  US$ 525 pp  4 days /3 nights             

                             Local, SADC, & TA Rates available on request 



        Combined Canoe and Chitake Springs Safaris                                     - Not Offered in 2010


The following Canoe Safaris can be combined with the Full Moon Chitake Springs Safaris:

May 3 - 6

May 31 - June 3

July 5 - 8

Aug 2 - 5

Aug 30 - Sept 2

Oct 25 - 28 (New Moon)

                  Special Interest and Tailor Made Safaris

                 Mana Pools and Matusadona Game Count Safaris


 These unique safaris are organised on request and must be reserved early due to high interest. Game counts in Mana Pools and Matusadona take place annually. This is a rare opportunity that few overseas visitors get a chance to partake in. Mana Pools -September 24-27, 2010. Steve Pope will not be available in 2010 for the Matusadona Game. 

                                 Backpacking Safaris


These unique safaris are organised on request. Steve's most popular backpacking safari is in his private, rarely visited concession, adjacent to Mana Pools. Cultural visits to remote villages can be included in the itinerary. This is not backed up by a vehicle.  All backpacking equipment is provided and clients are required to carry their own packs.